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Since it was founded in 1995, ImageLink has devoted itself to designing and developing Digital imaging input devices and providing the customers with our high quality services. We believe that ImageLink is the only company to offer comprehensive solutions from the design and development of digital image input devices to the volume manufacturing phase. As a leading independent design house, we have cultivated our technology not only for system architecture, but also know-how of the production line, and have expanded our services to a security and industrial camera field, but not limited to a digital camera. We will continue to challenge a new market category and gain experiences to respond to a customer demand.

 About us

Company name:ImageLink, Inc.
Head Office:1730-1, Shiga, Suwa-city, Nagano,392-0012 Japan
Tel:+81-266-57-5577  Fax:+81-266-54-0775
Foundation:April, 1995
Founder:Masazumi Chino
President:Masayuki Uchiyama
Major field of Business:Development, design, and build Digital imaging related devices
Consulting and support of Design & Development in the digital imaging field
Design & Development of digital imaging software



1995  ImageLink, Inc. established as an imaging company
1997 The first designed digital camera.
1999 Mega-pixel digital camera.
2001 Photo image transmission and editing application software for JIJI Press LTD.
(For Salt Lake City winter Olympic games in the USA)
2005 Evaluation system of image stabilizer
2009 Turn key platform camera with a camera DSP
2014 HD movie camera with an interchangeable lens; Chinon Bellami HD-1
2016 Printer colorimeter
2018 Start providing support services of the iCatch SoC's.
2019 Security camera integrated in a lighting unit
2021 Photo image transmission and editing application software for JIJI Press LTD.
(For Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games)
2022 Newly reviced photo image transmission application software for JIJI Press LTD.
(For Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games)

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