Based on the technologies we have here and the awarded design capabilities of mass-produced DSC's, we can offer comprehensive solutions for the digital imaging products and software to customers.

Examples of hardwares

  • Digital still camera
  • Digital still camera module
  • Wide Dynamic Range Digital still camera
  • Security camera
  • Digital still camera platform for a camera DSP
  • CHINON Bellami HD-1 (Lens changeable Full HD camera)

  • Wide Dynamic Range
    Digital still camera

    Security camera

    CHINON Bellami HD-1


    We believe that we can offer a superior software of digital image processing since we have had much expert knowledge about images in our experiments.

    We can also offer any evaluation software for digital imaging product, not to mention digital image processing application.

    Examples of software

  • Digital Image processing application
  • Performance evaluation software for digital still camera (evaluation of resolution, AE, AF, AWB)
  • PTP communication evaluation

  • Check application for lens resolution

    Evaluation tool for HDR(High Dynamic Range) Image processing
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